DATS(ダッツ) – Sophisticated yet nostalgic

  Lyrics – Mobile (Lyric page) Songs from DATS   When you hear DATS, you can hear quite experimental sounds. The music could be categorize as experimental.  Though, the sound itself isn’t just only edgy, but nostalgic.  It leaves some warmth in it and not as aggressive as some other similar experimental group could sound. […]

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Taichi Mukai (向井太一) – JpopCool recommend

He’s got a voice quality. It sounds like a great merge of young adult boy and a fully grown up man. The voice could go straight into your head, revokes something about when you are young and fresh, at the same time, it also touches some part of you have changed by grown up and […]

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Welcome to

Welcome to JpopCool! Thank you for visiting!ジェイポップクール.com)is translating lyrics of Japanese pop songs. Each lyrics page has Roma-ji (With this alphabet system, you can sing along without able to read Japanese!), Japanese, English translation and youTube or other music source so you can listen to the music while you read the lyrics. ANYONE […]

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